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Visit art galleries anytime, anywhere

With Myophelia you can feel the art experience as you are almost in the art gallery: find and inspect contemporary artworks online while the specific gallerist virtually stands next to you explaining the artworks. Communicate directly via instant messenger with art experts to clarify your questions and resolve any uncertainties.

Reinforce your art knowledge

Myophelia brings artworks of renowned art galleries right to your fingertips. Watch your personalized compilation of art ("The Art Tour") and safe time by getting artworks suggested via our smart recommender system. Expanding your knowledge about the art scene and learning about your favorite artworks and artists has never been so easy. 

Filling you in on the details

Every single art piece is affectionately curated with audio and video content to fill you in on its background information, history and current condition. Beneath the artworks, you can find on-demand buttons which provide you with multimedia content to get all the information and details you need to know to understand the piece of art. Properly inspect the artworks with our transaction tracking and condition reports and know what you buy.

Make informed purchase decisions

Finally, more transparency in the art market. With Myophelia you can compare artworks and artists by their investment quality, get a fair market value and make an informed investment decision. Our smart algorithm uses external databases, our internal network of art experts and real-time data from our marketplace to calculate art market movements to provide a sound database for your art purchases. 

Find art in a breeze

Safe time by searching for art and keep the overview in the art world. With Myophelia navigating through various art galleries and numerous artworks, exploring new exciting styles and following your favorite artists becomes effortless.

Be safe and protect your artworks 

On the one hand now what you buy by verifying the authenticity of artworks in our marketplace through our databank. On the other hand protect the artworks you bought by being registered in our decentralized databank and by receiving a tamper-proof digital certificate. You can keep your private information private if you do not wish to disclose them in the databank. 



Keep the overview of the art market and find your favorite artworks at your fingertips in seconds.


Experience the art world, visit art galleries anytime, anywhere, and fall in love with art online. 


Inspect artworks, know exactly what you buy and make an informed decision.


Buy from trusted partners and know the past of the artworks. Be safe and protect your artworks.

"Online art buyers get more and more confident. Nevertheless, the dealers continue to struggle online."

With Myophelia buying art online becomes intuitive and convenient. It simply feels natural and authentic.
Robert Read
Head of Art and Private Clients, Hiscox

"With their sophisticated screening process of art galleries I can be sure that only renowned galleries are on Myophelia and to get the best artwork online."

Samuel Edelmann
Art Collector, Munich 2017
The advise of art experts and gallerists significantly influences the buying decision of consumers. Myophelia enables direct interaction with art galleries and consumers.
Consumer Survey
Online Art Buying Behavior
Munich 2017
Art enthusiasts demand artwork related content and the convenience to buy whenever they want to. Myophelia exactly serves these demands.
Consumer Survey 
Online Art Buying Behavior
Munich 2017
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